If you are interested in any of the opportunities below, contact the parish secretary Barb Walkauskas at bwalkauskas@avilaparish.org or 412.367.9001 and she will connect you with the appropriate coordinator.

First Sunday of the Month Rosary
The First Sunday Rosary Group intercedes in prayer to The Blessed Mother. Anyone is welcome to participate as a means of supporting the Church in prayer and enhancing one’s own spirituality. The group meets the first Sunday of every month in the Chapel at 2:00 PM for about 45 minutes. Coordinator: Mary Zielinski

Funeral Home Rosary
For any deceased members of the parish whose family has requested it, say the rosary at the funeral home. Coordinators: George J. Staab Jr. and Pauline Mahoney

Marian Movement of Priests
Marian Movement of Priests prays the holy rosary for the Pope, the bishops, and all priests in response to Our Lady’s invitation through Father Gobbi. The group also reads and studies Father Gobbi’s writings. Coordinator: Dianne Machesney

Padre Pio Prayer Group
The Padre Pio Prayer Group promotes Eucharistic Adoration and invokes the intercession of Saint Pio of Pietreleino (Padre Pio). The group prays aloud before the Blessed Sacrament with prayers of adoration, petition, thanksgiving and also prays the rosary for priests, for the sick of the parish, and those in need. The group meets the first Thursday of every month at 3:30 PM, during Eucharistic Adoration. Coordinator: Joann Lauer